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The Type of Event You`re Having

For a novice, trying to choose the right size yacht in Goa can be a bit dizzying. An 88-foot “mega-yacht,” a 66-foot “party yacht,” an 35-foot “Catamaran” — what do all these mean? More importantly, what type and size of yacht do you need for your particular event? Forget the jargon and mumbo jumbo. We can help you right-size your yacht charter in Goa, whether you’re planning an intimate weekend getaway for two or a grand gala for 300 guests. Here’s how.

Yacht charters in Goa are available to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 300 persons. Still, the kind of event you’re planning has as much to do with your selection as the number of guests you’re inviting.

Few hours’ yacht charter in Goa does not require sleeper cabins at all. But you will need large areas for dining, dancing, or any other plan to have. For example, if you’re hiring a DJ or comedian or a band, you’ll need an area where they can set up their equipment and perform.

Your Guest List

Apart from the number of guests, think about whom will be on board, and what their needs will be. For example, if your guest list includes lots of couples with children, you’ll want to speak to your party planner about play areas. Also, small children and older adults (as well as pregnant women) need to use restrooms more often. Consider the number of bathrooms on board when figuring the size yacht charter you need.

Definitely talk to your yacht charter company about anyone on your guest list with disabilities. Additionally, let us know of any food allergies or other health considerations of the people on your guest list.

A few other considerations before you make your final decision on the ideal yacht charter in Goa: –

  • Look for your style yacht. Older yachts are elegant in their timeless classic looks, while younger vessels sport a sleek, modern appeal. Pick which suits your fancy.
  • Consider the time of year and the general weather pattern expected. You’ll never be able to rule out a stray shower or thunderstorm, but you can plan for more time on deck during nice weather, or opt for a yacht that offers spectacular views from inside the boat during the more unpredictable months.
  • Be smart about your guest list. If there are people in your life who tend to get seasick, hate boats or the water, typically over-indulge when it comes to alcohol, or otherwise wouldn’t enjoy the cruise, consider leaving them off the list. In many cases, they won’t be happy, and often they might make everyone else miserable, as well. You might schedule a separate celebration (on land, where there are easy escape routes) with them at another time.

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