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River Kayaking in Goa

Kayaking gives many adventure sports cum nature lovers the chance to have an up close and personal experience with the rivers, coasts, and backwaters of Goa.

A qualified kayaking instructor will help you learn the required techniques and skills. He or she will help you familiarise with your kayak, it’s seating, safety instructions to be followed, paddle maneuvering technique, changing course etc. Once your Guide gives you a go ahead, you are good to go.

You begin with easing your kayak into the waters and then paddling your way along the clear waters following the instructor. Savour the excitement building up giving its way to feelings of tranquil. Feel the golden Sunrays energising each pore of your body and your eyes taking in the wading waters.

As your kayak goes farther and farther along the backwaters of a river, you will be able to appreciate the natural beauty around you from a backseat. Go on. There’s a great chance of Bird sighting along your way. And should you sight one, that camera can come really handy to preserve your precious memory.

On a completely different note, Kayaking also provides you an excellent workout and a window to understand your own capabilities for you have to constantly push yourself while in the mid of Waters.

Remember to bring along:
A Camera
A Towel
Footwear that is okay to get wet
While on the water, one tends to burn rather quickly, so we recommend you wear:
Sunscreen cream
A Hat
A vest or a light shirt along with your shorts

We also wish to advise you against getting anything along that you do not wish to get wet.

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