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Goa ­ a travel destination that needs no introduction. While growing up, every Indian has always thought of Goa as the ultimate dream destination. Goa has beaches, sea-food, forts, villas, and all the fun that one can think of. The Barreto Brothers ­ Almanzo and Alain, are transforming the hospitality and tourism industry of Goa with their travel venture, Grande De Goa.

The company is built on the strong platform of the vast experience of the Barreto bothers in the hospitality, travel and tourism sector, and BPO segment. The founders have dedicated themselves to the utmost customer-satisfaction through best-in-class deliveries. Grande De Goa works on just three service principles ­ Quality, Reliability, and Professionalism. Relying on one another’s capabilities and without any external funding or mentorship, the Barreto duo has built the brand ­ Grande De Goa.

High-End Luxurious Offerings
Being a high-end travel and tourism company, Grande De Goa offers a wide range of services to its clients.

The main offerings include Private Yachts for hire in Goa for various occasions like pre-wedding shoots, proposals, anniversaries, birthday parties, reunions, etc. Other services include fishing trips, Corporate Cruises, Scuba Diving, Vintage and Super Cars for Photoshoot, Sightseeing, and Water Sports. The company also provides Harley Davidson motorcycles for hire in Goa and provides rental accommodation in Villas, Apartments, Guesthouses, and Homestays.

Grande De Goa is an authentic and credible travel and tourism agency having affiliation with Goa Tourism, Government of Goa. The company also provides island safaris, river kayaking, Dudhsagar waterfall tour, and various north and south Goa tours. All the services by Grande De Goa come with value-added services at very competitive pricing as compared to the other tourism agencies.

Grande de Goa’s innovation, versatility, and affordability has made them a pioneer in the goan tourism industry

Grand Customer-Satisfaction at Grande De Goa
At Grande De Goa, it’s made sure that the client feels special right from the inquiry until the client’s stay in Goa. The founders personally ensure that the client’s stay is well-planned and executed in the best manner possible. For this, one of them remains on-board for a hassle-free customer experience. Even when some client asks for something that the company doesn’t provide or sometimes the client wants to complete their `Bucket List of Goa’, Grande De Goa helps them with their itinerary without any expectations of getting the booking by the client. Such credibility and a customer-centric approach make Grande De Goa stand out from the league.

In this ongoing pandemic, the global tourism industry has been devastated to a great extent. Being a tourist destination, Goa tourism has also suffered. But after the unlockdown by the Government of India, Grande De Goa has been busy making their clients have a happy and safe stay at Goa.