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Whether you are celebrating your 10th, 20th, or even 50th class reunion, celebrate your Reunion in Goa with Grande De Goa aboard any of the finest and grand yachts in Goa.

Party like its 80s or the 90s! Celebrate with childhood friends or classmates aboard any of our luxury private yachts in Goa. Enjoy picture perfect photo opportunities, scenic views and breath taking skylines.

Imagine soaking up the sun, while sipping on champagne celebrating memories with friends! Great fun, great, great friends, Grande De Goa offers the perfect Reunion on a yacht in Goa.

Feel free to rent a private deck or the entire boat for larger parties. We work hard at providing a fun atmosphere for you and you and your guests.

Themes are very popular with Reunions on a yacht in Goa. Blast to the past, with a disco theme or bring out your inner celebrity with a Bollywood theme.

Need help with ideas! Feel free to contact our experienced team at Grande De Goa to help you in the planning process every step of the way. We work hard at accommodating you and your guests and making your vision come to a reality.

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